Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

The Abnormal Movement


Three Categories of Scholars 


Message of Consolation 

The First Ten Days of Zhul Hijjah 


Dealing with the Unrest and Anarchy 


The Masjid


Palestine & The Ummah's Response 


An Appeal to the Ulama and Trustees

The Sanctuary of the Muslim

Fear & Hope

Saving Lives; Wasting Lives

Turn to Allah Ta'ala

  Following an Imam

Types of Kufr (2) 

  Types of Kufr (1)

Noble Advice & Dua

Formulas for Ikhlaas 

Digital Photography 

  The Wonderful Rewards of Tasbeeh-e-Fatimi

 Avoiding Bad Thoughts and Backbiting

Recommended Duas at the End of a Deed

Fitnah, In the Guise of Dien

The Enemy Within Us

The Priority of Qadha Salaah

The Company of As-Sawdiq ﷺ

The Sunnah of Visiting Masjid-e-Quba | Taking Lesson

The Importance of Taking Dien from our Elders

Dealing with Tests

Prescriptions for Hidayah | The Importance of Ta’leem and Dua

Why Am I Here? | Understanding the Purpose of Life

The Spiritual Anti-Virus

Spiritual Diamonds

Two Easy Deeds | Shukr and Tawaadhu

Expenditure and Wastage

Love of the World

Guard the Tongue

Two Fitnahs


The Protection of Allah Ta'ala

Grading the Spiritual Heart

Appreciate Your Spouse

Lessons from a Cup of Tea

6000+ Great Signs to reach Allah Ta’ala

Bay’at | Need for Sincerity and Humility

Salaah | Surrender to Allah Ta'ala

The Harms of Secular Education and Secular Institutes

Tazkiyah and the Amaanat of Dien

Ittaqullah | Fear Allah

Understanding Ikhlaas

Take Responsibility

Taking Lessons from Babies

A Failing of many Mureedeen

Three Advices from a Priest who accepted Islam

Deliverance for the Suffering Ummah | Gateway to Success

Understanding Secular Education

Fitan | Like an Octopus

Protect the Heart

Etiquette In The Haramayn Shareefayn

Teaching with Mercy

Ramadaan | The Spiritual Dastarkhan

The Spiritual Laundromat | Washing Hearts

World Cup = "Waste Closet" & Waste Catastrophe