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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Live the present

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

“Many people live in the past. They brood in it and destroy themselves in depression and misery. Many worry about the future. This creates unnecessary anxiety, stress and apprehension.

 …We were not created to live in the past, nor live in the future. We should live for the present. Conditions will come and go – whether of happiness, sadness, etc.

See what we need to do and what we have to do now. Make the most of the present, so that there is no regret when it becomes the past.

Keep occupied in seeking Allah Ta'ala's Pleasure, and this, in turn, will open up a future of success and happiness, Insha-Allah.

The one who spends his time constructively and productively in good deeds, as well as abstains from all types of sins, will always enjoy Sukoon in his heart, despite outward conditions.” 

[Hadhrat Moulana Abdul Hamid Is`haq Saheb (Daamat Barakaatuhum)]