Sunday 28 September 2014

Protect the Heart

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

By Hadhrat Moulana Abdul Hamid Saheb (Daamat Barakaatuhum)

On return from our recent Safr[1]being very tired, I had a very deep sleep. I dreamt that a person should look after and protect his heart from all alien interferences, particularly the Baatil (false) sects of Shiasm, Qadianiasm, Barewilism, Salafism, etc. 

When I awoke and reflected over this dream, I also understood that protection is not only necessary from Baatil sects, but from every type of evil and sin as well. …As well as ideologies such as Secularism, Dawarnism and the various other 'Isms' being propagated.

When in our houses, especially at night, before retiring to bed, we make sure we read all our Duas, Aayatul Kursi, etc. We also check that all the doors, windows and gates are properly closed and securely locked, and that our alarm systems are operational. We take various measures to protect ourselves, our families and our homes.

When we leave home, we recite all our Duas; we check around for any signs of danger or if there is someone lurking about; we lock the doors of our cars, etc.

Similarly, we should check that the doors of our hearts are firmly locked and all security measures are in place: that no wrong beliefs and no sins and no evil desires can enter the heart. Great care and vigilance must be adopted to protect the heart in these present times, where there is temptation and invitation towards Haraam – where the darkness of great Fitnah is spreading and enveloping the world – and where all kinds of sins are accessible with just a touch of the button.

We need to take all precautions for the protection of our Imaan, A’maal, Akhlaaq and Taqwa, wherever we may be.

Our Sheikh, Hadhrat Moulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh) would encourage us to read the following Dua, in these times, where many people cannot differentiate between Haq and Baatil (Truth and Falsehood) and are easily lead astray:

“O Allah! Show us (enable us to see) the Truth as Truth and give us the ability to follow it. And show us the falsehood as false and give us the ability to refrain from it.”

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the understanding and the concern of securing our Imaan and Islam. 

[1] Safr : (Dieni) Trip