Tuesday 23 April 2013

Gems 21-25

Bi Ismihi Ta’ala

Selected and concise advices / sayings of 
Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hamid Is`haq Saheb (Daamat Barakaatuhum)


Deen is based on two solid pillars: Qur`aan and Hadeeth. It is not based on our thinking, 
which is generally weak and flawed.


With the spark of love, marriage is enjoyable; 
with the spark of Allah’s Love, Deen is enjoyable.


An angry person is a restless person; a person who allows his nafs 
to deprive him of peace and tranquillity.


Where there is humility, there are no fights. Where there is pride, there are endless fights.


The heart is destroyed by lustful glances. Since the heart is the home of Imaan, 
so Imaan is destroyed with lustful glances.