Friday 14 June 2013

Gems 26 - 30

Bismihi Ta'ala

Selected and concise advices / sayings of Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hamid Is`haq Saheb (Daamat Barakaatuhum)


The person who follows the signboards of the Sunnah, will come out in Jannah. 


The secret code to press for Allah Ta’ala’s Help, against the whisperings of shaytaan, is ‘Ta`awwuz’.


When Allah (Jalla Jalaaluhu) gives a person elevation, Allah (Jalla Jalaaluhu) 
also grants His Protection.


When visiting the sick person, our duty is to lift his spirits and give him hope.


The non-Muslims take out each Sunnah with an inferior substitute of their culture. 
And we too accept their cheap “goods” and do not even recognize our enormous losses.