Saturday 8 August 2015

Beautiful Guidance | The Spiritual Hajj

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem


“…When we see people making Tawaaf of the Ka’bah Sharief, we are overtaken by the scene. This continues all the time, 24 hours.

Whenever we go to the Haram Shareef, upon reaching the Mataaf, there are crowds of people; vast multitudes, occupied in Tawaaf.

…This should remind us of the Farishtas (Angels) making Tawaaf of Baitul Ma’moor … Allahu Akbar!
… The Farishtas that are holding up the Arsh of Allah Ta’ala are continuously in Zikrullah, in the Remembrance and Praise of Allah Ta’ala.

There are Farishtas who make the following Zikr:

“O ALLAH! You are free from all faults, and all Praise belongs to You.
All Praise is due to You, on Your Tolerance, after You have full knowledge (of our sins.)”

Which employer in this world, who, despite having full knowledge that his employees are stealing, gives them a promotion? Which husband is there in the world, who knows that his wife is being disloyal, but he continues to shower her with gifts?

…How disloyal we are to Allah Ta’ala!!! …How much do we steal in our Salaah? A Hadith states that the worst thief is he who steals in his Salaah. …Yet, Allah Ta’ala feeds us Biryaani; Allah Ta’ala gives us the homes we live in, the cars we travel in… SubhanAllah.

Another group of Farishtas say:

“O ALLAH! You are free from all faults, and all Praise belongs to You.
All Praise is due to You, that You forgive after having full power to punish (us).”

Think of the many wrongs we commit, day in and day out – with our eyes, ears, tongues, hands and feet. Allah Ta’ala has the full power to immediately make us blind, to make us lepers, cause paralysis to overtake us … Yet Allah Ta’ala conceals and covers up our wrongdoings and forgive us.

For the one who has recognized Allah Ta’ala, his Ruh is at the Arsh-e-Azam (the High Throne of Allah Ta’ala), whilst physically, he is making Tawaaf of Baitullah.
...Whilst people have their eyes focussed on the Ka`bah Shareef, his heart is focussed and connected with the Owner of Ka`bah Shareef, with Allah Ta’ala.
Whilst people are making Tawaaf on the ground, he is making Tawaaf in the Heavens…"